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Self-repairing tire ContiSeal

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Product Name:  Self-repairing tire ContiSeal

Product Code:  228

Product Description

ContiSeal ™ is a creative new technology that plugs the hole in the outer part of the tire.

* ContiSeal ™ reduces tire failure results: thanks to its unique technology, holes of up to 5 mm in diameter (such as tearing nails) are immediately closed.
* Continuous mobility and constant mileage performance - no need for emergency stop or tire replacement on the road. (See technical instructions on the back page)
* Unmatched driving performance during normal driving, equal to tires that do not have ContiSeal ™ technology.
About technology

Developed by OnThisSeal ™ Continental, it is a technology designed to repair damaged tire tread. If foreign objects such as nails enter the tire, there is no need to stop at the side of the road and change the tire. Even if the piercing object comes out of the hole, the holes remain closed.

ContiSeal ™ is a sticky, viscous filler material. It is applied into the tire in the back region. ContiSeal ™ shuts off 80% of all tire punctures, reducing tire risk. The ContiSeal ™ tires are clearly marked with a symbol on the tire side and are compatible with all wheels on the market.